Commercial Strategy

Every company needs to create and constantly update its commercial strategy. It should be inline with overall company strategic objectives but can also help to reinvent the company through new partnerships and commercial models

Digital Strategy

Every business needs a partial or major digital business transformation inline with its commercial strategy. The digital element guarantees global access, quick expansion, measurable results and high efficiency. Constant evaluation of results needed to adjust implementation plans.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing will lead digital transformation as part of a 360 marketing approach. New performance based models reduce marketing expenses and guarantee the reach of every company’s marketing objectives.

Commercial Strategy and DBT

A successful business strategy is a key factor to a company’s success against competition. Commercial strategy is critical to increase revenues and market share for new and current products and services.

We create together the commercial strategy evaluating different scenarios. We help in the strategy implementation with Global Business Development, New Partnerships, and access to Key Customers in different industries such as Telecommunications and Media.

Digital Business Transformation (DBT) is happening on a scale and at a speed that managers find both threatening and promising. We help companies of different industries through business innovation, higher productivity, increased efficiency in processes, and enhanced customer experiences.

The benefits of DBT are tremendous, but need to be inline with the overall company commercial strategy. In order to realize DBT full potential need to reach specific commercial objectives and leverage analytics and data to increase business value.

Initial company assessment

Start with a company assessment including an initial SWOT analysis and digital audit, and identify your true company potential